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Introducing teams on sports social

If you play any team sport, registering your team on sports social makes you more organized.

Analyse your Journey & your Performance

► Give and accept challenges to/from other teams

► Plan your matches and team Schedules

► As you start using Sports Social, your journey automatically keeps on recording.

► Manage your team captain, managers, players and fans in your teams.

► Analyse the performance, the journey and keep going up the ladder.

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Stay connected to Your Locality

See What People Are Playing in your Locality

► Favourite Your Locality to get updates

► Plan Matches and join challenges in nearby Playgrounds

► Get the real time information about nearest playgrounds

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See what's going around in sports

Explore the Social side of Sports on Sports Social. Chase your passion to play, connect your fellow playmates, follow sports enthusiasts, cheer for matches, create beautiful moments and stay connected to your sports family.

Play anywhere, Compete Anyone Checkout our new Sports Social app

An experience designed to highlight what matters most to a sports lover.

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